First blog post

6th November 2016


It is two o’ clock in the morning and I am wide awake. This is my third week off work thanks to my broken wrist, and I blame the coffee that I drank after dinner last night. For being awake at this unearthly hour that is. The broken wrist is a result of sheer impatience, concern, love and bad luck and is a story for another day!


It is strange what being off work can do to you, a few weeks ago I couldn’t tell day from night and now have all this time to laze around and more importantly, reflect. And caffeine! There is nothing like a delicious, aromatic and strong cup of coffee, and how I miss drinking it in larger quantities. But alas, currently have no reason to as don’t need the ‘kick’ to work incessantly. Probably for the best as might do my health a favour.


Only a few hours ago, I remember being upset about a few things and complaining to my husband about it, which seem so insignificant now. I have always been an extremely emotional and sensitive person, and wear my heart on my sleeve. And because of this, get affected by the smallest of things. I will not go into a spiel of what exactly upset me and why, but I did realise this.


Happiness means different things to different people; an expensive handbag, eating food made by your mother on visiting her, a vacation to an exotic destination, hanging out with a friend in a café, a new car, a meal out in a Michelin starred restaurant, the list is non-exhaustive. It is extremely easy to get sucked in and seek happiness in material things, I must admit it happens to me all the time, and the appetite becomes insatiable. But you know what has brought me the greatest pleasure and I don’t do this as much as I should be, is doing something to brighten up someone else’s day, to show kindness and compassion at all times and here is the hard part ……. Expect absolutely nothing in return from them or anyone.


When I was a child, every year when Christmas approached, my mother and grandmother suggested drawing several chalices on a piece of paper; and each time I performed an act of kindness or a selfless act, however big or small, to colour one of the chalices. At the end I would carry that piece of paper with me and offer it to God after midnight mass on Christmas day. And this year again, after having not done this for several years, I have decided to do the same again, but instead of colouring a chalice, I have decided to pen my thoughts and experiences.


“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love“  – Mother Teresa