” She is worth far more than rubies” – Proverbs 31;10

Today, I am going to write about something that is close to my heart and I strongly advocate and believe in.

Since childhood I have encountered strong, hard-working, beautiful and independent women numerous times. I have always admired the sheer enthusiasm, passion and determination to succeed in these women. They are not just beautiful on the outside but more importantly, beautiful on the inside. One such woman is my mother, who at a very early stage in my life embedded both a desire and a need to be independent in every way, emotionally and financially, regardless of the circumstances. She has immense will power and is a perfectionist, always trying her very best and giving it her all.

Recently, along with another such woman, she started a venture in our local hometown in Dehradun, India called ‘Rosa Mystica’. It is an initiative consisting of women who are single parents or the only bread earner in the family or striving to become financially more secure in order to provide a better future for their families. Using their talent and creative skills, these wonderful ladies produce beautiful handmade clothes, accessories and household items. It is truly incredible to see how determined, hard working and passionate these women are. Here is a picture of all of them at work;


The items that they are selling are ethnic and chic, and adds that extra bit of touch to ones home decor, wardrobe and they also make lovely presents. All these items are handmade, using block printing, eco dye (environment friendly), embroidery, knitting as skills. They are available in cotton, silk or woollen. Below is a link to their Facebook page:


My personal favourites are the hand knitted dolls.


Ethnic hand made cards


Quilt covers for those chilly winters and to add some extra colour to the bedding:


Block printing for dining/coffee table runners and on the right is a scarf:


Ethnic tote bags and cute frock:

Embroidery and block printing:

From the ladies of Rosa Mystica:

“We have an immense reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to test and when we face challenges to bring up our children and both financially and emotionally support our families.
We are thinkers, creative women of substance, looking for avenues that would bring a positive change in our lives and strengthen the world around us.

We would like your encouragement and support to make this venture a success and empower us.”

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